Master Guide: Vogart and American Thread Co. transfers

The chart below details the Vogart (or American Thread Company) needlework patterns that were produced in the 1940s and 1950s and sold in the famous "black banner" package. Each entry includes the transfer number; full descriptive text from the envelope front, plus notes on re-issues or companion patterns; the type of embroidery; and a theme using an abbreviated system to sort out the animal days-of-the-week from the floral pillowcase transfers.

More information, including search tips (with abbreviations and terms), printing instructions and our links to related pages is here, too. But we know you're anxious to see the chart so we've put everything else at the bottom of the page. Just one note: reissued transfers use the same graphics as the original.

This is reference only. See the main transfer page to find items to buy starting May 25th.

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   101 - 102 - 103 - 104 - 105

101 A primer of embroidery stitches - learn how easily
(later reissued under number 236)
mixedall-purpose: varied
102 Gay kittens and puppies for every use embroiderykitchen: dogs, cats, SOTB
103 Kitchen motifs - clever designs to applique or embroider embroiderykitchen: fruits, veggies, people, animated
104 Busy pups day of the week ensemble embroiderykitchen: DOW, dogs
105 Little Susan - colorful designs for a complete kitchen outfit
(later reissued under numbers 235 and 691)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, belles

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   106 - 107 - 108 - 109 - 110

106 Mexican motifs for kitchen and breakfast nook
(later reissued under number 607)
embroiderykitchen: SOTB, animals, people
107 Handsome heirloom patterns for cases, sheets, etc.
(later reissued under numbers 268 and 652)
cutworkpillowcases: floral
108 Three popular and easy-to-do designs for pillow cases
(later reissued under number 287)
mixedpillowcases: floral
109 Three novelty designs to applique and embroider on cases, etc. mixedpillowcases: floral, belles
110 All purpose assortment of designs for scarfs, cases, cloths, etc.
mixedlinens: floral, butterflies, belles

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   111 - 112 - 113 - 114 - 115

111 Three baby layettes - dresses, bonnets, bibs & a smocking pattern mixednursery, clothing: dainty
112 Assorted motifs for children's bibs--playsuits--crib covers, etc. embroiderynursery: animals
113 Lovely designs for baby saques, kimonos, bibs, play aprons
(later reissued under number 239)
embroiderynursery: animals, dainty
114 Four easy-to-make cunning stuffed toys - and patches to match mixednursery: animals, toys
115 Easy to do lazy daisy designs for large cloths, scarfs, etc.
(later reissued under number 247)
embroiderylinens: floral

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   116 - 117 - 118 - 119 - 120

116 A handsome "petit point" pattern for large cloths, scarfs, etc.
(later reissued under numbers 629, 719)
x-stitchlinens: floral
117 3 cross stitch patterns for bridge sets, scarfs, doilies, etc. mixedlinens: floral, borders
118 Two attractive lazy daisy designs arranged for 3 piece sets embroiderylinens: floral
119 Beautiful designs for towels or pillow cases embroiderylinens: floral, belles, cats, birds
120 Five samplers and assorted motifs in easy cross stitch x-stitchdecor: mottos, floral, patriotic

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   121 - 122 - 123 - 124 - 125

121 Novelty designs for guest towels in applique embroidery appliquelinens, floral, people
122 Script, block and novelty alphabets for monograms--novelty frames--His & Hers-- Mr. & Mrs. embroiderymonograms
123 Pretty gay baskets and borders for dinette or kitchen no stitchkitchen: fruits, borders
124 Pretty May baskets--sweet bouquets--for boudoir sets or linens no stitchlinens; pillowcases: floral
125 A complete layette for baby's trousseau embroiderylayette: dainty

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   126 - 127 - 128 - 129 - 130

126 A frisky lamb for baby's crib or carriage cover
(includes booties pattern)
embroiderynursery, layette: animals
127 Nine colorful designs for gay kitchen decorations
(later reissued under number 277)
embroiderykitchen: people, food, animated
128 Bright, cheerful new florals for three pairs of cases
(See also companion transfer 253 for linens)
embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds
129 A great variety of sparkling new patterns for every use embroideryall purpose: floral, belles, birds
130 A smart new basket pattern for clothes, square and oblong scarfs, etc. (later reissued under number 258) embroiderylinens: floral

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   131 - 132 - 133 - 134 - 135

131 Unknown - but referenced on another envelope as "With this pattern
crochet odds and ends together for smart cloths, scarfs, etc."
132 Unknown----
133 Gay south-of-the-border motifs for cloths, scarfs, aprons, etc. embroiderykitchen: SOTB, people, animals
134 Luscious fruit and baskets for cloths, scarfs, etc. embroiderykitchen: fruit
135 Hope chest pillow case designs of grace and charm
(later reissued under number 670)
mixedpillowcases; linens: floral

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   136 - 137 - 138 - 139 - 140

136 Modern motifs for colorful kitchen embroideries embroiderykitchen: people, dishes, animated
137 Eight lively chefs for seven towels and an apron
(later reissued under number 654)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, people
138 "Pin up girls" and "gay ninety misses" for eight guest towels embroiderylinens: guest, people
139 Dainty touches for the new-comer's trousseau
(later reissued under number 651)
embroiderylayette: dainty
140 Assorted alphabets and novelty frames for smart monograms
(later reissued under number 658)
mixedall purpose: monograms

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   141 - 142 - 143 - 144 - 145

141 Two "work-time" aprons with a "play-time" charm mixedclothing, kitchen: floral
142 28 fiesta motifs for colorful touches of Mexican gaiety embroiderykitchen: SOTB; people
143 Dainty florals for baby's layette --cutting pattern for dress and cap included mixedlayette: dainty
144 Three charming twin apron designs embroideryclothing, nursery: animals, toys
145 30 amusing easy to do motifs with toddler appeal
(later reissued under number 278)
embroiderynursery: animals, people

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   146 - 147 - 148 - 149 - 150

146 Novelty patch or embroidery designs for pillow cases
(later reissued under number 288)
mixedpillowcases: belles, floral
147 Graceful motifs for your best pillow cases
(see also companion transfer 148 for linens)
mixedpillowcases: floral
148 Graceful new designs for scarfs and vanity sets (companion to 147)
(later reissued under number 632)
mixedlinens: floral
149 Novel "welcome guest" and charming florals for ten towels embroiderylinens: guest, floral
150 Six clever applique towel motifs for modern kitchens embroiderykitchen: people

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   151 - 152 - 153 - 154 - 155

151 Rose design for cutwork or stitchery for cloths, scarfs, etc. cutworklinens: floral
152 22 charming basket motifs for varied needs embroideryall purpose: floral
153 31 motifs with banding to match --cleverly used in many ways embroideryall purpose: floral, borders
154 10 lovable nursery pets in applique to charm the young set appliquenursery: animals
155 23 gay all-color motifs with many delightful uses no stitchall purpose: SOTB, people

VOGART transfers   156 - 157 - 158 - 159 -160

Note: 154 was the last number we've found issued under the American Thread Co. brand.
156 Gay and amusing new colored stamp-on decorations for children no stitchnursery: animals
157 Topsy and Eva doll one doll with 2 changeabout faces sewingnursery: toys
158 Nancy doll (15 in) --and her clothes-- are such fun to make! sewingnursery: toys
159 4 lovable take-to-bed pets children adore sewingnursery: toys
160 5 toys with real play value and matching embroidery motifs mixednursery: animals, toys

VOGART transfers   161 - 162 - 163 - 164 - 165

161 Toys for the toddler set to love and cuddle mixednursery: toys, people
162 Gay novelites of wool and felt give dash to young costumes mixedclothing: trims
163 Nine novel pot holders to crochet and embroider mixedkitchen: animals, fruit, floral
164 Warm and dainty gifts to crochet and embroider for baby mixedlayette: dainty
165 Knitwear for the youngest set -- and cute embroidery motifs mixedlayette, nursery: animals

VOGART transfers   166 - 167 - 168 - 169 - 170

166 Crochet and cross stitch in new ideas for babywear mixedlayette, nursery: animals
167 Crochet and embroidery combinations for the home mixedlinens: floral
Note: Vogart issued a special series of crochet and transfer patterns, at least some of which
sport a blue and white banner instead of the standard black and red banner.
168 A gay table idea and five new crochet edgings mixedlinens: fruit
169 Unknown - but referenced on another envelope as
"Morning glories for the linen chest"
170 Graceful sprays and trim bandings of smart distinction no stitchall purpose: floral

VOGART transfers   171 - 172 - 173 - 174 - 175

171 Nine gay "girlies" with amusing decorative value no stitchall purpose: people
172 18 gay modern motifs of Pennsylvania Dutch charm no stitchlinens: people, borders
173 Smocking borders for dress-up frocks, etc. smockingclothing: trims
174 5 scallops with 4 matching corners mixedkitchen, linens, clothing: trims
175 Glittering sequin motifs to glamourize clothes beadingclothing: trims

VOGART transfers   176 - 177 - 178 - 179 - 180

176 Unknown----
177 Unknown----
178 Seven lucky kittens for kitchen towels
(later reissued under number 659)
mixedDOW, cats
179 Bright cheerful motifs for three pairs of cases or sheets
(later reissued under number 615)
embroiderypillowcases: belles, floral
180 Graceful and effective patterns for sheets or three pairs of cases cutworkpillowcases: floral

VOGART transfers   181 - 182 - 183 - 184 - 185

181 All color transfers for boys and girls no stitchclothing: trims, people
182 Unknown----
183 Unknown----
184 All color transfers for boys and girls no stitchclothing: trims, animals
185 An assortment of exciting motifs for varied uses
(later reissued under number 281)
mixedall purpose: floral, belles

VOGART transfers   186 - 187 - 188 - 189 - 190

186 Colorful musical motifs for modern kitchen embroideries
(later reissued under number 656)
embroiderykitchen: dishes, veggies, animated
187 New and exciting ribbon motifs for pillowcases
(later reissued under number 682)
mixedpillowcases: belles
188 Fourteen lovely patterns for guest towels embroiderylinens: people, SOTB, floral
189 Cunning motifs for a baby's trousseau embroiderylayette, nursery: animals, dainty
190 Cross stitch and novelty alphabets for attractive monograms mixedlinens, clothing: monograms

VOGART transfers   191 - 192 - 193 - 194 - 195

191 Beautiful springtime floral designs for varied uses embroideryall purpose: floral
192 Colonial girl crochet and embroidery combinations for the bedroom mixedpillowcases, linens: belles
193 Peacock crochet and embroidery combinations for the home mixedpillowcases: linens: birds
194 Bluebird designs for a colorful, complete kitchen ensemble
(later reissued under number 671)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, birds
195 Fifteen animated kitchen friends you can embroider
(later reissued under number 608)
embroiderykitche: dishes, veggies, animated, people

VOGART transfers   196 - 197 - 198 - 199 - 200

196 Delicate floral motifs for three pair of pillow cases
(later reissued under number 675)
embroiderypillowcases: floral
197 Delightful puppy motifs for every day of the week embroiderykitchen: DOW, dogs
198 Comical vegetable fugitives from the "garden salad" embroiderykitchen: animated, veggies
199 Appealing pet motifs the toddler will love embroiderynursery: animals
200 Popular cross stitch patterns for cases, cloths, guest towels and aprons (later reissued under number 298) mixedpillowcases, linens: borders, floral

VOGART transfers   201 - 202 - 203 - 204 - 205

201 Daisy baskets to decorate your linens
(later reissued under number 289)
embroiderylinens: floral
202 Colorful and graceful butterflies for every use
(later reissued under number 692)
embroideryall purpose: butterflies
203 Exquisite and dramatic florals for a variety of uses
(later reissued under number 290)
embroideryall purpose: floral
204 Easy-to-do classic designs for your best pillow cases, etc.
(later reissued under number 650)
embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds
205 Three graceful motifs for your best pillow cases, linens, etc.
(later reissued under numbers 279 and 697)
embroiderypillowcases: floral

VOGART transfers   206 - 207 - 208 - 209 - 210

206 "Doe and fawn" and "bird and leaf" designs for scarfs, pillows, etc.
(later reissued under number 630)
embroiderylinens: birds, animals
207 Sixteen novelty designs for guest towels, scarfs, blouses, etc. embroiderylinens: guests, floral,animals
208 Perennial poppies to bloom year round in your home embroiderylinens: floral
209 Graceful new cross stitch patterns for the home
(later reissued under number 653)
x-stitchpillowcases: floral
210 Elegant florals to grace your pillowcases and towels
(later reissued under number 655)
embroiderypillowcases, linens: floral

VOGART transfers   211 - 212 - 213 - 214 - 215

211 Gay garden fruits and vegetables to brighten your kitchen
See also companion transfer 254 for linens
x-stitchkitchen: dishes, fruits, veggies
212 Roses and rosebuds for many colorful uses embroiderykitchen, linens: floral
213 Colorful blossoms to grace your best linens embroiderylinens: floral
214 Add charm to your home - put it in clover embroiderylinens: floral
215 A "flower a day" for your kitchen embroiderykitchen: DOW, floral

VOGART transfers   216 - 217 - 218 - 219 - 220

216 Adorable motifs to please the young of all ages embroiderylayette, nursery: animals, motto
217Classic designs for your best pillow tubings and scarfs
(later reissued under number 660)
embroiderypillowcases, linens: floral, butterflies
218Floral baskets to decorate your finest linens embroiderylinens: floral
219A kitten a day to cheer your kitchen
(later reissued under number 696)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, cats
220Lovely orchids to add luxury to your linens embroideryall purpose: floral

VOGART transfers   221 - 222 - 223 - 224 - 225

221An exciting new way to personalize your linens
(later reissued under number 677)
embroideryall purpose: monograms
222A lovely bridesmaid to decorate your favorite linens embroiderypillowcases, linens: belles
223Colorful rooster patterns for a brighter kitchen
(later reissued under number 699)
mixedkitchen: DOW, birds
224Popular embroidery patterns for a variety of uses
(later reissued under number 698)
mixedall purpose: floral, animals
225Three treasured patterns for your finest pillow tubings and cases
(later reissued under number 648 - see also companion transfer 226)
embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds

VOGART transfers   226 - 227 - 228 - 229 - 230

226Three treasured patterns for all of your finest linens
(see also companion transfer 225)
embroiderylinens: floral
227Graceful elegance in a new floral pattern embroiderylinens: floral
228Colorful blossoms to grace your finest pillow cases and tubings
(later reissued under number 661)
embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds
229Personalized florals for 4 pairs of lovely cases
(later reissued under number 628)
embroiderypillowcases: floral, dainty
230Three pairs of cases in traditional handsome cross stitch
(later reissued under number 666)
x-stitchpillowcases: floral, butterflies

VOGART transfers   231 - 232 - 233 - 234 - 235

231Happy fruits to decorate kitchen and dinette items
(later reissued under number 678)
embroiderykitchen: fruit, animated
232Ten adorable cuddly bear motifs to lighten your kitchen chores
(later reissued under number 662)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, bears
233Beautiful, classic cut work patterns for 3 pair of cases and 2 guest towels cutworkpillowcases, linens: guest, floral
234Floral lovelies for 3 pairs of cases plus 8 small motifs
(later reissued under number 676)
embroiderypillowcases, linens: floral
235 See 105 (reissue of Little Susan DOW) ----

VOGART transfers   236 - 237 - 238 - 239 - 240

236 See 101 (reissue of Beginner's Primer) ----
237Cheerful animated kitchen motifs for fun and decoration embroiderykitchen: dishes, animated
238Gay helpful "angel child" for your kitchen bliss
(later reissued under number 668)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, people
239See 113 (reissue of Lovely designs for baby) ----
240Adorable kittens and puppies for every use embroiderylinens, nursery: dogs, cats

VOGART transfers   241 - 242 - 243 - 244 - 245

241Over a dozen Sally Perkins designs for a gay kitchen ensemble embroiderykitchen: DOW, people
242Kittens--swans--pansies for 3 pairs of tubings (later reissued under number 641 as Tubings and towels of grace and beauty) embroiderypillowcases: cats, birds, floral
243Calla lilies, roses & butterfly baskets for 3 pairs of cases
(later reissued under number 674)
embroiderypillowcases: floral, butterflies
244French chefs for a distinctive kitchen ensemble
(later reissued under number 674)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, people
245Authentic "Americana" designs for kitchen and dinette
(later reissued under number 681)
embroiderykitchen: people, misc.

VOGART transfers   246 - 247 - 248 - 249 - 250

246Vivid poppies and bouquets to beautify your home
(later reissued under number 664)
embroiderylinens: floral
247 See 115 (reissue of Easy-to-do lazy daisy designs ----
248All-time florals for three pairs of cases
(later reissued under number 663)
embroiderypillowcases: floral
249 Orchids-- bluebirds--florals for 3 pairs of cases embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds
25012 kitchen axioms to lighten "k.p. detail"
(later reissued under number 657)
embroiderykitchen: animals, birds

VOGART transfers   251 - 252 - 253 - 254 - 255

251Mama duck and her ducklings for a kitchen ensemble embroiderykitchen: DOW, birds
25219 frisky "lambkins" for kitchen capers embroiderykitchen: DOW, animals
253Motifs for scarfs and vanity sets to match cases in #128-
(companion transfer)
embroiderylinens: floral, birds
254These gay fruits used with #211 make a complete "dinette ensemble"
(companion transfer)
embroiderykitchen, linens: fruits
255Colorful and graceful swans for scarfs--cloths--pillows--towels and cases (later reissued under number 693) embroiderypillowcases, linens: birds

VOGART transfers   256 - 257 - 258 - 259 - 260

256A lovely floral garden to enhance 3 pairs of pillow cases, linens, etc.
(later reissued under number 667)
embroiderypillowcases: floral
257Kittens--"mums" & violets for 3 pairs of cases, etc.
(later reissued under number 669)
embroiderypillowcases: cats, floral
258 See 130
(reissue as Graceful floral baskets)
2599 smart kitchen decor motifs - plus 5 motifs for aprons--pot holders, etc. embroiderykitchen: misc.
260Joyous dancing motifs for a "kitchen ball" embroiderykitchen: dishes, veggies, animated

VOGART transfers   261 - 262 - 263 - 264 - 265

261"Scads" of gay motifs for linens and wearing apparel mixedall purpose: floral, birds, borders
26212 honeymoon motifs for the romantic set
(later reissued under number 673)
embroiderykitchen: cats
263Delightful flower borders for tubings, cases and towels embroiderypillowcases, linens: floral, borders
264Playful kittens for a colorful kitchen
(later reissued under number 694)
embroiderykitchen: cats
26512 dreams for your dream home
(later reissued under number 665)
embroiderypillowcases: cats, birds, animals

VOGART transfers   266 - 267 - 268 - 269 - 270

266Darling decorations for the "pin up" set embroiderynursery: animals, people
267Smart and sporting ensembles for household linens embroiderylinens: animals, birds, dogs
268See 107 (reissue of Handsome heirloom patterns) ----
269The famous "Modern Modes" designs for tubing, cases, etc.
(later reissued under number 689)
embroiderypillowcases: people, floral
270"Hearts and flowers" for 3 pairs of tubing, guest towels, etc.
(later reissued under number 690)
embroiderypillowcases: floral, romantic

VOGART transfers   271 - 272 - 273 - 274 - 275

271"Pups and puns" for the kitchen embroiderykitchen: dogs
272"Dutch treat" motifs for your kitchen & dinette
(later reissued under number 672)
embroiderykitchen: DOW, people
273Traditional charm for your kitchen and dinette
(later reissued under number 679)
embroiderykitchen: fruits, misc.
274Precious embroidery for your priceless little ones embroiderylayettes, nursery: animals
275Smart colorful motifs for 3 pairs of cases, etc. embroiderypillowcases: floral

VOGART transfers   276 - 277 - 278 - 279 - 280

276Amusing colorful "eye catchers" for the kitchen embroiderykitchen: motto, animals
277See 127 (reissue of Graceful elegance in a new floral pattern)----
278See 145 (reissue of 30 amusing toddler motifs)----
279See 205 (reissue of Three graceful motifs)----
280Charm and grace in three motifs for cases, linens, etc. embroiderypillowcases: butterflies, animals, floral

VOGART transfers   281 - 282 - 283 - 284 - 285

281See 185 (reissue of Assortment of exciting motifs) ----
282Today and tomorrow's modern kitchen motifs embroiderykitchen: dishes, fruit
283A dinette worth crowing about with modern appeal
(later reissued under number 646)
embroiderykitchen, roosters
284Put fun in the kitchen with these penguin pets embroiderykitchen: motto, animals
285Dainty motifs for bedroom and bath
(later reissued under number 695)
embroiderypillowcases, linens; birds, animals, floral

VOGART transfers   286 - 287 - 288 - 289 - 290

286See 216 (reissue of Adorable motifs) ----
287See 108 (reissue of Three popular and easy-to-do designs) ----
288See 146 (reissue of Novelty patch pillowcase motifs) ----
289See 201 (reissue of Daisy baskets) ----
290See 203 (reissue with new title: Dramatic designs for varied uses) ----

VOGART transfers   291 - 292 - 293 - 294 - 295

291Brighten bedroom and bath with these cute and dainty designs embroiderypillowcases: floral, cats, animals
292Three easily made pairs of cases that are both pretty and smart embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds
293"Bee" smart brings humor into your kitchen embroiderykitchen: motto, animals
294Cute accessories for today's kitchen embroiderykitchen: animals
295Broidertale motifs from "The Three Bears" embroiderynursery: animals, bears, people

VOGART transfers   296 - 297 - 298 - 299 - 600

296Fairytale motifs from "The Ugly Duckling" embroiderynursery: animals, birds
297All purpose story motifs from "Hansel & Gretel embroideryursery: toys, people
298See 200 (reissue of Popular cross stitch designs)----

VOGART transfers   601 - 602 - 603 - 604 - 605

6013 pairs of lovely pillowcases for gracious living embroiderypillowcases: floral
602Dainty feminine motifs to beautify a bedroom embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds
603New and charming motifs for many household uses embroiderylinens: floral, animals
604Delightful designs for today's smartly decorater linens embroiderylinens: floral, cats
605Refreshing and new gay fruits in simple embroidery embroiderykitchen: fruits

VOGART transfers   606 - 607 - 608 - 609 - 610

606Darling ducklings to embroider for baby's wardrobe embroiderynusery: animals
607See 106 (reissue of Mexican motifs) ----
608See 195 (reissue of Animated kitchen friends) ----
609Graceful alphabets in 4 sizes to make your linens "personal" embroideryclothing, linens: monograms
610Unknown ----

VOGART transfers   611 - 612 - 613 - 614 - 615

611Colorful fruit motifs for dinette or kitchen embroiderykitchen: fruits
6123 lovely pairs of pillowcases in monotone cross stitch x-stitchpillowcases: borders
613Butterflies and roses for decorative charm embroiderypillowcases: butterflies, floral
614Irrestible charm for bedrooms in 3 unusual designs embroiderypillowcases: animals, floral
615 See 179 (reissue of Bright cheerful motifs) ----

VOGART transfers   616 - 617 - 618 - 619 - 620

616Colorful rooster patterns for a brighter kitchen mixedkitchen: DOW, birds
617Three delightful designs bring colorful beauty to the bedroom embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds, cats
Note: Vogart issued a special series of cross stitch on gingham patterns (transfers 618 to 624)
sporting a gingham border on the envelope instead of the standard black and red banner.
618Cross stitch on gingham x-stitchkitchen: floral, butterflies
619Cross stitch on gingham x-stitchkitchen: floral, birds
620Unknown ----

VOGART transfers   621 - 622 - 623 - 624 - 625

621Unknown ----
622Cross stitch on gingham x-stitchkitchen: animals, fruit, borders
623Unknown ----
624cross stitch on gingham x-stitchkitchen: floral, borders
625Pet poodles for the kitchen embroiderykitchen: DOW, dogs

VOGART transfers   626 - 627 - 628 - 629 - 630

626Graceful kittens and florals for bedroom beauty embroiderypillowcases: cats, floral
6273 pretty pillowcase designs that spell "charm" embroiderypillowcases: floral
628See 229 (reissue of Personalized florals) ----
629 See 116 (reissue of Handsome petit point) ----
630See 206 (reissue of "Doe and Fawn" and "Bird and Leaf" ----

VOGART transfers   631 - 632 - 633 - 634 - 635

631Flower and fruits in modern baskets embroiderykitchen: floral, fruits
632 See 148 (reissue of Graceful designs) ----
633Unknown ----
634Unknown ----
635Unknown ----

VOGART transfers   636 - 637 - 638 - 639 - 640

636Unknown ----
637Unknown ----
638Unknown ----
639Unknown ----
640Unknown ----

VOGART transfers   641 - 642 - 643 - 644 - 645

641See 242 (reissue of Kittens--swans--pansies with change to title) ----
642Three charmingly fresh and dainty pillowcases embroiderypillowcases: floral, birds, misc.
643Pillowcases -- all pretty as a picture mixedpillowcases: floral, butterflies, borders
644New, smart and lovely pillow case motifs mixedpillowcases: cats, floral, borders
645The bear chef's menu on kitchen towels embroiderykitchen: DOW, bears

VOGART transfers   646 - 647 - 648 - 649 - 650

646See 283 (reissue of A dinette set worth crowing about) ----
647See 244 (reissue of French chefs) ----
648See 225 (reissue of Three treasured patterns [pillowcases] )
649"Our feathered friends" add beauty to your kitchen embroiderykitchen: DOW, birds
650See 204 (reissue of Easy-to-do classic designs) ----

VOGART transfers   651 - 652 - 653 - 654 - 655

651See 139 (reissued of Dainty touches) ----
652 See 107 (reissue of Handsome heirloom patterns) ----
653 See 209 (reissue of Graceful new cross stitch) ----
654 See 137 (reissue of Eight lively chefs) ----
655See 210 (reissue of Elegant florals with minor title change) ----

VOGART transfers   656 - 657 - 658 - 659 - 660

656See 186 (reissue of Colorful musical motifs) ----
657See 250 (reissue of Twelve kitchen axioms) ----
658See 140 (reissue of Assorted alphabets and novelty frames) ----
659See 178 (reissue of Seven lucky kittens) ----
660See 217 (reissue of Classic designs) ----

VOGART transfers   661 - 662 - 663 - 664 - 665

661See 228 (reissue of Colorful blossoms) ----
662See 232 (reissue of Ten adorable cuddly bear motifs) ----
663See 248 (reissue of All-time florals) ----
664See 246 (reissue of Vivid poppies) ----
665See 265 (reissue of 12 dreams) ----

VOGART transfers   666 - 667 - 668 - 669 - 670

666 See 230 (reissue of Traditional handsome cross stitch) ----
667 See 256 (reissue of A lovely floral garden) ----
668 See 238 (reissue of Angel child) ----
669 See 257 (reissue of Kittens --"mums" & violets) ----
670 See 135 (reissue of Hope chest pillow case designs) ----

VOGART transfers   671 - 672 - 673 - 674 - 675

671See 194 (reissue of Bluebird designs) ----
672See 272 (reissue of Dutch treat) ----
673See 262 (reissue of 12 honeymoon motifs) ----
674See 243 (reissue of Calla lilies, roses and butterfly baskets) ----
675See 196 (reissue of Delicate floral motifs) ----

VOGART transfers   676 - 677 - 678 - 679 - 680

676See 234 (reissue of Floral lovelies) ----
677See 221 (reissue of An exciting new way to monogram) ----
678See 231 (reissue of Happy fruits) ----
679See 273 (reissue of Traditional charm) ----
680Unknown ----

VOGART and American Thread Co. transfers   681 - 682 - 683 - 684 - 685

681See 245 (reissue of Authentic "Americana" designs) ----
682See 187 (reissue of New and exciting ribbon motifs) ----
683Unknown ----
684Unknown ----
685Unknown ----

VOGART transfers   686 - 687 - 688 - 689 - 690

686Unknown ----
687Unknown ----
688Unknown ----
689See 269 (reissue of Famous modern modes) ----
690See 270 (reissue of Hearts and flowers) ----

VOGART transfers   691 - 692 - 693 - 694 - 695

691See 105 (second reissue of Little Susan) ----
692See 202 (reissue of Colorful and graceful butterflies) ----
693See 255 (reissue of Colorful and graceful swans) ----
694See 264 (reissue of Playful kittens) ----
695See 285 (reissue of Dainty motifs) ----

VOGART transfers   696 - 697 - 698 - 699

696See 219 (reissue of A kitten a day) ----
697See 205 (second reissue of Three graceful motifs) ----
698See 224 (reissue of Popular embroidery patterns) ----
699See 223 (second reissue of Colorful rooster patterns) ----

VOGART transfers   700 series

To the best of our knowledge, the last half of the 600 series and the entire 700 series of hot iron transfers are all reissues of previously published designs, and the 700 series are multi-stamp transfers in Vogart's "new" packaging. Where known, the 700 series number is given in the reissue notes.

Search tips, abbreviations and conventions

This page is set up for browsing and quick reference -- so in addition to giving the Vogart transfer titles, we've also included our own designations. That makes it easy to use your brower's search/find feature to do a quick search on this page.

Transfer type is usually embroidery, but some transfers are for crochet, sewing or another form of needlework -- or for specialty embroidery such as cutwork or applique. A few, which we designated no-stitch, are full-color transfers (forerunners to the Textilprints line). Cross stitch transfers are listed as x-stitch as a reminder that they are not counted cross stitch designs. The term mixed means that two or more needlework techniques are used.

Transfer themes are categorized by what's shown in the graphics:

  • nursery for transfers decorating a nursery or toddler's room -- sheets, pillowcases, quilts, pictures -- and also dolls, doll clothing and toys;
  • kitchen for transfers depicting tea towels, Days of the Week sets, placemats, napkins, small tablecloths, cafe curtains, aprons, pot holders, appliance covers, and such;
  • pillowcases -- no surprise here -- but Vogart wasn't consistent about the term or the spelling in its titles;
  • linens for those showing other types of household linens -- dresser or vanity scarves, guest towels, full-size table cloths, chair sets, and such;
  • layette for transfers shown ornamenting baby or toddler clothing;
  • clothing for transfers shown ornamenting adult clothing; and
  • all-purpose for the few with a variety of motifs from all or most of the other categories.

Transfer motifs are categorized in very general terms and labeled as follows:

  • floral (all types)
  • belles (all types) -- people (all other)
  • cats -- dogs -- bears -- butterflies -- animals (all other)
  • fruits -- veggies -- food (all other)
  • DOW (days of the week)
  • SOTB (south of the border)
  • monograms -- motto -- guest -- animated -- toys -- borders -- misc.

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Don't forget to check the online guide from time to time, as it will be updated as "missing" transfers are located....

So if you want to find all the Vogart transfers with kittens, put the word "cats" in your browser search box. That will take to you to each transfer featuring cats, one by one -- no matter how or whether they're mentioned in the Vogart title. To search for a more specific term (Siamese) or for more than one term (cats and pillowcases), you're better off using the Sewing Palette's site search box at the top of the page.

Can't get enough Vogart?

For those of you who are just crazy about Vogart, here are a few places to find more information:

Check the detail pages here at the Sewing Palette for more information about a specific transfer -- including a larger photo (when available) and a list of what's actually on the sheet. If the transfer number is a clickable link, there's a detail page.

Other related pages here include our Vogart Facts and Trivia page, which summarizes what we've learned about the company and changes in packaging and transfer ink over the years. You may also enjoy reading our Vintage Transfer Overview.

There are several on-line blogs that include lots of entries on Vogart transfers: Vintage Transfer Finds (one woman's quest to own too many embroidery transfers) by Floresita; Kitty & Me Designs where you can find great shots of Vogart designs stitched by Pam Kellogg; and Needles Excellency by Laren, who has also started a Vogart PBwiki.

Sources and errata: Most of the information on this page was taken from our collection of Vogart transfers. The gaps were filled in by research on the web. We've been diligent about cross-checking on transfers we currently do not own, but typos happen and we definitely want to know about any errors you spot!